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Fetish Fantasy Spinning Sex Swing


  • 360° spinning
  • Heavy-Duty steel eyelet bolt for celing instulation
  • Heavy-Duty chain
  • Exstension spring
  • Metal support bar
  • A set of padded supports for butt and back
  •  Padded stirrups
  • Instruction sheet
  • Satin love mask

Product Description

Have you worried about having to be super fit to use a sex swing? It is no long a worry with our Fetish Fantasy Spinning Sex Swing! You can get just who you are and you will moan your way into pleasure with our sex swing that spins 360°.

With the Spinning Sex Swing you get the feeling of being weightless and exploring the deepest desires your fantasies can think up. Take your sexual arousal to a whole new level with our easy to adjust sex swing.